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Conversion rate on Facebook ads higher by 163 %

The Brasty e-shop conquered Facebook in 10 countries by automating its product ads with PPC Bee
Budget of millions of Czech Crowns a month
Hundreds of campaigns throughout the year
Automate with PPC Bee to be more effective
Conversion rate higher by 163 %
Client introduction
The online store Brasty currently does business in 10 European countries and constantly works on expanding into further markets. At the moment, Brasty supplies such goods as perfumes, watches, cosmetics, or jewelry to customers in Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, or Austria, but also in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain, and Italy. The planned expansion should include markets in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Greece.
As an international company selling goods to customers almost all over Europe, Brasty employs PPC specialists who are in charge of huge amounts of PPC campaigns. The volume keep increasing as the business grows. Brasty’s advertising budgets amounts to millions of Czech Crowns a month. A single specialist manages hundreds of PPC campaigns.
brasty/text_pointing_indexFor this reason, people at Brasty find it difficult to imagine managing these campaigns with no automation tools. Automating repetitive tasks reduces the need to engage in routine work, and thus gives the option of focusing more on the creative or strategic aspects of marketing.
Until 2020, Brasty had been investing over 90 % of its funds into static performance advertising formats—overall hundreds of millions of Crowns a year. The remaining 10 % were allocated to dynamic product ads.
When looking at the data, people at Brasty realized the conversion rate of their dynamic product ads was hundreds of percent higher than that of traditional static campaigns. Denis Vysloužil, Brasty’s chief PPC specialist, faced the challenge of setting up a new campaign structure to fully harness the potential of Facebook dynamic ads.
Using the PPC Bee automation tool and its Image editor, the Brasty e-shop saved almost 50 % of the time needed to manage its entire portfolio of PPC campaigns for 10 European markets. Thanks to PPC Bee automation the Facebook DPA campaigns had a 163 % higher conversion rate than static creative content!
The main issue Brasty needed to solve was the amount of time spent on managing individual campaigns—be it their creation, administration, or optimization, as well as outcome reporting.
Here, automation was the alpha and omega.
brasty/text_pointing_indexWith automation, a specialist can make partial processes more effective, saving time they can then use to engage in more strategic activities and take the campaign performance to the next level, both in terms of strategy and business outcomes—a priority for Brasty.
Looking for a suitable solution
Managing and creating Facebook campaigns
Before managing their Facebook campaigns in PPC Bee, people at Brasty gave several rival tools a try. Usually, they stumbled upon partial flaws which prevented the campaigns to reach their full potential.
Usually, these were:
  • high costs;
  • difficult management;
  • time requirements;
  • administration requirements.
Benefits of PPC Bee
When it comes to creating Facebook campaigns, Brasty sees the following benefits in using PPC Bee:
  • the app being easy to navigate;
  • additional functions (Image editor, option to enhance feeds with GA, Facebook stats, etc.);
  • transparency;
  • professional team.
brasty/text_pointing_indexthese benefits made Brasty decide to become a pilot tester and create its Facebook campaigns with the new Image editor.
“PPC Bee’s greatest benefit lies in quick campaign creation which can save almost 50 % when compared with the traditional method of creating campaigns in Business Manager.”
Denis Vysloužil, PPC specialist, Brasty
How Brasty works with campaigns
Brasty divides its campaigns by purpose into three basic categories:
  • performance;
  • acquisition;
  • brand.
brasty/text_pointing_indexthese categories differ in which specific users they target, in the selection of specific campaign products or ad sets, and in creative content.
Performance campaigns
The most common type of campaigns, they provide companies with an added value in the form of profit.
With quality creative content, Brasty uses social networks as an acquisition tool to generate a new customer base. Depending on the type of campaign chosen, a suitable form of final messaging is created.
Regarding performance campaigns which include remarketing as well, Brasty vastly preferred dynamically enhanced variables which supplement ads with such information as:
  • delivery date;
  • current price;
  • gift with purchase;
  • free shipping.
Brasty and PPC Bee
PPC Bee saves time
By using PPC Bee, Brasty saved up to 50 % of the time it’d have otherwise invested into routine tasks.
PPC Bee and conversion rate
In 2021, investments in dynamic product ads increased by more than 600 % across all 10 advertised markets!
Dynamic product ads maintained a 163 % higher conversion rate when compared with static creative content in 2021 as well. With PPC Bee, Brasty can keep increasing its volume of product ads easily and effectively.
PPC Bee Image editor
Image editor is a tool which allows users to create dynamic banners on Facebook to set themselves apart from the generic creative content put forward by their competition.
Brasty and Image editor campaigns
In Brasty, the greatest change occurred in regards to creative content thanks to PPC Bee automation. With Image editor, now used for all of Brasty’s campaigns, the company can harmonize its product catalogue according to the specific graphics of their ongoing campaigns and significantly set itself apart from rival advertisements on Facebook.
Handling campaigns by region
Brasty also uses dynamic banners created in Image editor to target individual regions abroad.
Advertising rules and approaches to them follow various criteria, determined by:
  • legislation;
  • cultural preferences;
  • specific sensitive topics;
  • expected communication styles.
Specific examples of Brasty communicating in different regions
brasty/text_pointing_indexGerman-speaking countries—requirement for ads to contain price per unit of measure
brasty/text_pointing_indexPoland—increased sensitivity to changes in price
brasty/text_pointing_indexSpain—chosen spectrum of specific brands
brasty/text_pointing_indexRomania—demand for quality jewelry and cosmetics
With Image editor, a specialist can easily implement these specific requirements in Facebook dynamic banners and target particular markets with tailor-made creative content.
brasty/text_pointing_indexBy including Image editor in the process of creating its Facebook dynamic banners, Brasty was able to unite its banners to fit its brand, quickly and easily stylizing the graphics to meet particular campaign specifications.
brasty/text_pointing_indexBanners themselves can now be supplemented with dynamic parameters, such as price amount, availability, gifts with purchase, or graphics reflecting particular shopping seasons (Black Friday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.).
Image editor’s greatest benefits according to Brasty
  • Quality and distinct creative content improves ads’ CTR
  • Customers receive necessary information directly from the dynamic banner
  • Additional information is a direct part of creative content
  • Making purchase decisions easier for customers
PPC Bee tip:
Don’t pressure your customers to buy from you.
Create something interesting and they’ll come to you themselves.
Automating Facebook dynamic campaigns with PPC Bee allowed Brasty to maintain a 163 % higher conversion rate when compared with static creative content.
Thanks to this realization, Brasty’s specialists can now keep increasing product ad volumes.
Managing campaigns in PPC Bee saved them time which they can now invest in devising advanced strategies.
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