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How Dexfinity tackled expansion into other countriesarrow


By duplicating their campaigns in PPC Bee, Dexfinity could expand into 7 new countries very quickly.

7 countries
30 000 types of glasses
100% success

Dexfinity's client is ready for the world

Dexfinity has been a successful digital agency for over 20 years. Its biggest client, eyerim, an online store selling over 30,000 models of designer eyeglasses, had established itself in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and wanted to spread further.


Which markets to expand to?

Dexfinity was no stranger to finding prospective markets for its clients. It knew to make its decision based on:

  • the market size and growth rate
  • expected costs (the average CPC)
  • the competition's prices
  • market preferences

After doing some research, mainly in Google Keywords Planner, Dexfinity decided for the following markets:

  • Romania, with low competition and 2 or 3-day shipping
  • Hungary, where it could easily compete on price
  • Poland, for its large size

It ruled out markets like Spain, where the competition undercut its prices by 30%.

Furthermore, eyerim wanted to enter Scandinavian markets—Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, in particular—as those are a fashion mecca. These markets are harder to get into, but it was worth trying.

In its research, eyerim found that Lindberg, a brand it wasn't carrying, was quite popular in Denmark. That inspired talks started to get the brand into its inventory.


Creating campaigns effectively

Setting up new campaigns from scratch would have been extremely time-consuming. Dexfinity already had long tails set up for Slovakia, so they wanted to start with those, especially as they were proven to work.

Fortunately, with the help of PPC Bee's customer support, Dexfinity found it could duplicate its entire Slovak organization and then just translate and tweak its campaigns.