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How automation streamlined campaign maintenance for Marketing Makersarrow

Marketing Makers's client needed to decrease costs
The B2B course provider top vision had trouble maintaining profitable marketing campaigns. With steadily climbing CPC and large costs for managing campaigns, top vision hired Marketing Makers to find ways to make their advertising more cost-effective and reach ambitious KPIs.
Searching for a solution
Automation as a potential solution
Up until then, top vision was running only manual campaigns for their courses. When Marketing Makers suggested that they could automate, top vision was more than willing to try.
To be able to create quality campaigns in PPC Bee, Marketing Makers needed course, category, and lecturer feeds to source data from. Once these were implemented, they created automated campaigns in PPC Bee to precisely target each course. However, upon looking at the source data, they discovered that the product names from the feed were too specific to be usable.
Synonyms make automation possible
In order to create relevant keywords, Marketing Makers needed course names that people were likely to actually search for. Rather than force top vision to change its course names, they asked them to add synonyms for the title of each course.
Each synonym had to contain a keyword at the beginning — “course“ or one of its synonyms (“workshop,“ “training,“ etc.). For a course like “Managers at the starting line,“ the synonyms might be “management course,“ “course for managers“, etc. The same was done for category names.
With synonyms in place, campaigns were ready to be launched.
Measuring results in the B2B world
In the B2B world, a conversion doesn't typically happen on a user's first visit. The user might visit the webpage, send it off to management for approval, and a final decision might be reached after a whole month of deliberation.
To be able to measure whether their campaigns were set up correctly, Marketing Makers tracked microconversions—e.g. scrolling through a page or viewing course materials. The Enhanced Ecommerce feature of Google Analytics proved to be especially helpful in this area, allowing better insight into shopping behavior.
After setting up campaigns in PPC Bee, Marketing Makers saw a huge decrease in CPC without any losses in microconversions.
“We love to use PPC Bee in non-ecommerce industries. And top vision seemed to be great for this purpose. Due to a great programmer, we were able to create feeds, synonyms with copywriters and than we had highly relevant keywords for each particular course. This was our clear competitive advantage that got much lower CPC for us and consequently price per sale. And the best thing - it is automated - it works without us.”
Costs saved on multiple fronts
Several months into the endeavor and the results are clear: by using PPC Bee, Marketing Makers brought down costs considerably, both in terms of ad prices as well as maintenance costs. Here are just a few notable statistics:
  • Approx. 70% less time on maintenance than Marketing Makers' similar manual campaigns (rough estimate)
  • 1–2 hours / month for PPC Bee campaign optimization, leaving most of the time budget for display campaigns and keyword-specific campaigns
  • o 170 % vyšší ROAS
  • - 50% the average CPC per campaign (even with some very expensive keywords remaining)
Year-to-year comparison of the CPC, relative to the lowest CPC overall:marketing_makers_graph_en
(In April, there's a dip in PPC Bee's performance — an overly broad keyword got in the feed. Even with automated campaigns, it's important to check the feed now and again. PPC Bee's new Tuner will let you know about problems like this.)
What’s next
PPC Bee campaigns are now on autopilot
Now the PPC Bee campaigns basically run themselves, leaving time for creating custom campaigns for the best-performing keywords and for display campaigns. Marketing Makers now just watch the PPC Bee campaigns in Google Data Studio to make sure that nonsense (e.g. very generic keywords) isn't being generated and set up a seasonal campaign once in a while.
top vision is satisfied with how effectively its ad budget is being used and glad that their courses are being presented to those that need them.
By saving time with PPC Bee, Marketing Makers can take on more projects and its clients can marvel at the lightning-fast campaign automation. It's a win-win situation for everyone.
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